PTE Academic Testbuilder Students Book with Audio CD خرید کتاب

PTE Academic Testbuilder Students Book with Audio CD خرید کتاب

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PTE Academic Testbuilder
مشخصات کتاب
نویسنده Macmillan Education
ناشر Macmillan Education
تعداد صفحه ***
نوع جلد شومیز
سال چاپ 1397
شابک 9780230427860
A brand new title in this popular Tests that teach series, designed to help improve students’ exam performance and increase language competence. The PTE Academic Testbuilder supplies four complete practice tests for the entirely computer-based Pearson Test of English Academic exam, providing guided analysis of answers and further practice across all four language skills.

Key features:

Four complete practice tests precisely reflecting the levels and types of questions to be found in the exam.
A full range of exam-type tasks found in the PTE Academic exam.
Practice and guidance pages for each part of the exam paper.
Focus on common problem areas.
A guided analysis of sample answers.
Contains a complete answer key with helpful, easy-to-use explanation as to how and why the model answer is right and the others are wrong
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